Prison isn’t Half Bad (if your Al Capone)

If you are Al Capone that is. The rest of the cells at Eastern State Penitentiary were just a bed, toilet and a bible – unless you were Al Capone. In that case you actually wound up with a luxury hotel room – a nice armoire full of reading material, record player/radio, comfortable chair for reading in the corner and plush carpet on the floor.

Capone, Chicago’s most famous mafia boss, only spent eight months at ESP on concealed weapon charges but needless to say the time spent there wasn’t exactly ‘hard time’. It was relative luxury.

I liked the way the cell bars of this picture contradicted the plush interior of the prison cell. Others were shooting through the hole in the cell bars where his meals would be slid in – and I took that picture too – but I liked the contrast of the prison bars.

Photo of the Day – The Cell of Al Capone

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
After a day of meetings and some sunset hiking in Garden of the Gods in Colorado I started re-watching Boardwalk Empire tonight from the first episode – I’m WAY behind and it jogged the Capone memory.


2 thoughts on “Prison isn’t Half Bad (if your Al Capone)

  1. Oh that is a neat contrast. Based on my experience, though, I’d say that the plush cell interior probably wouldn’t make a lot of difference … the extras an inmate would most appreciate would be the things not in this picture. Things like extra freedom to roam around, ability to get in liquor and more food, freedom from constant scrutiny. And I’m sure he had those perks as well.

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