The only Black Friday deal I’ll bite on

I don’t get the people lining up for ‘Black Friday’ ten days before it actually happens. The ‘deals’ don’t really even seem to be that good for the most part. Sure in a couple cases you save a few hundred dollars on a flat screen TV but is it worth ten days of your time? Let’s presume you happen to grab three ‘doorbuster’ items and save $1,500 – I don’t see how this can happen though since you will run to one item while others run to another thus missing your chance on the other two unless you are some sort of magician but I digress – what do you actually earn on a per hour of waiting basis? Ten days/24 hours is 240 hours for a total per hour rate of $6.25. Unless you are homeless (and living in a tent anyways) and someone is paying you to sit in line for ten days the cost/benefit analysis just isn’t adding up for me. Luckily, I’ll be able to shop on the Internet and sure I may pay $40/$50 more for the iPad than you do (best ‘Black Friday’ price is only $20 off as of right now but with a $100 gift card) but I’ll be warm and I won’t be taking elbows to the face trying to get it.

Photo of the Day – Gargoyle in Paris

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The one Black Friday deal (it’s available now so I guess it really isn’t a deal) that I’ll partake in is to sign up for Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom for only $9.99/month. When I first purchased PS CS5 it was $199 – I got a student/teacher discount – and the LR cost was $79. That was the first major purchase of my new endeavor into photography (outside of the DSLR). Through Photoshop and Lightroom I’ve learned so much and I continue to learn new tricks along the way. I haven’t upgraded in three years and the original price tag of $30/month wasn’t appealing to me. However, at $10/month it is basically a steal and if you don’t have it yet I’d highly recommend getting in at this price point. I doubt they will offer it again given the number of subscriptions they’ve already sold.

I took the above picture while on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I want to go back to Paris really bad. For a city that going into the trip I thought I was going to find a little abrasive I actually loved everything about it. The history, the pace, the people (which get a bad rap from Americans – just don’t act like an asshole and they will treat you kindly), the food and the wine were all amazing!


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