America’s Crown Jewel

Glacier National Park is one of America’s crown jewels when it comes to national parks and just beautiful space. GNP is unrivaled in the US for scenic mountain views and is packed with wildlife. Unfortunately, during my visit the clouds and weather kept both out of sight for most of the trip. The great aspect of GNP is that you don’t have to get to far away – if at all – from the main road to access views as amazing as this. In fact, because of the weather and an active grizzly bear population I didn’t stray too far away during most of my visit. Still the Going-to-the-Sun road is all you will need to access if you are visiting to get a feeling for what the park has to offer. The road was completed in the early part of the 1930s and clings to the sides of mountains overlooking a number of valleys below. The valleys were carved millions of years ago by the glaciers that the park is named after – the park for the most part today has very few glaciers remaining. Unfortunately, because of how daring the design of the road is it is only open during a very brief time of the season since it is often unpassable because of snow and the danger associated with clearing the snow.

Photo of the Day – The Valleys created by the Glacier

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
I had to handhold this picture from the window of my car as there wasn’t a turnout at this location but I liked the view down the center of the Valley and the view of the mountains in the distance. About a half hour before sunset the clouds were rolling in for the nightly storm that kept me holed up in the hotel.


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