$3,000 in pudding? But a World of Benefits

On Thanksgiving I read an article about an engineer who figured out how to translate $3,000 in pudding ($2,200 if you factor in he was also able to write it off on his taxes) in order to generate 1.25 MILLION airline miles. Instantly (like the pudding), this guy became my hero. Seriously, for the price of roundtrip ticket to China he was able to get enough frequent flyer miles to fly there and back nearly 20 times (70,000 miles for a RT ticket to China – AA’s most expensive coach mileage ticket – factoring in the 10% bonus for mileage so that the ticket only costs 63,000 miles). Now on top of that he realized that if he donated the pudding to shelters that he could write it off on his taxes because who the hell can eat $3,000 dollars in pudding except for maybe Bill Cosby. Check the article out here – it is seriously some genius stuff!

Photo of the Day – Perfect Evening in Florence

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Our first night in Florence, Italy we climbed up one of the many towers and took in the sunset over the city. Amazing to think that last year at this time we were thinking we weren’t going to do any travel during 2013 as my wife started school fulltime at the beginning of the year. However, as we approach the end of the year it has been one of my busiest travel years. Alot of that was work travel but we also did a lot more personal travel than we imagined largely because of our ability to take advantage of airline miles, hotel points and car rental points.


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