Turquoise Blue Water of Lake Moraine

Once featured on the back of the Canadian $20 bill Lake Moraine in Banff National Park is an icon of our neighbor in the north. The mineral deposits from the glaciers that feed into the lake give the water its unique turquoise color that so many come to see each year. There are a large number of hiking trails in the area but through many of the months it is impossible to hike here without a group of five or more people because of the grizzly activity in the area. Since I usually travel solo this makes it impossible for me to brave the trails unless I want to face a stiff fine that the rangers frequently hand out or wind up on the front page of the local paper for being made a summer meal for a hungry grizzly.

Photo of the Day – The Deep Blue of Lake Moraine

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We had our first significant snow today in Chicago so it looks like my hibernation season is starting. Although I’ve always lived in the Midwest I’m always disappointed at the start of winter. Grey, overcast skies make it challenging to get out and photograph anything outside and when you finally get a sunny day it is usually too damn cold to want to be outside for more than 20 minutes.


10 thoughts on “Turquoise Blue Water of Lake Moraine

  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful location. I don’t know if you have travelled to New Zealand but the waters coming from the mountains have the same blue color. It a beautiful color but so diffecult to capture in a photo. Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh it’s on my list Colin! I’ve wanted to head down under since I watched lord of the rings which I believe was filmed there – maybe Milford sound area. Heard of and seen pictures of so many beautiful landscapes there.

      One of my favorite photographers – Trey Ratcliff at Stuckincustoms.com lives there now and his pictures are simply jaw dropping

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