Pacific Coast Sunset

Hibernated all day in Chicago as the weather was winter and stormy – not too cold but just not worth going out if you don’t have too. Thank God for online shopping or I would have been absolutely useless. As I type this I’m dreading walking the short few block to the grocery store.

Photo of the Day – Pacific Sunset

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
During my last trip to California I took a drive up the coast to Matador Beach and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Alot of people left right after the sun had dipped below the horizon. Ten minutes later it looked like this. I love how the colors change after a sunset.

Despite the cold and snow the weather looks promising to go out and catch some of the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue so I’ll bundle up and head on over there.


5 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Sunset

  1. That is beautiful. There is something about the patterns of light and reflections that draws in the imagination. It is snowy and cold here as well and looking at the picture I took a little imaginary holiday to some place warmer

    • Damn you winter – rearing its ugly head and as the day wore on I definitely felt the affects more and more to the point where I think I caught my first cold of the season. I am hoping my client out there will need a January or February meeting because I’ll definitely need a break from this. Given how cold it is already we are in for a long, drawn out winter this year.

      • I think it is going to be a long winter as well. That is what my intuition is telling me, but I guess you never know. Maybe the early cold means relief in January or February? Or not. Good luck with the cold. I have found making sure I cover my head including mouth and nose as well as ears helps to keep the chill from settling in my respiratory system for the winter. It might not be fashionable, but better to be well in my opinion. Your pictures are really good. I am working my way back through the archives.

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