Night on the Grand Canal

You know what the problem is with most travelers? They try to travel at the wrong time. I understand the need to be flexible around school schedules and things like that but really for the most part travel isn’t overly expensive as long as you can be flexible with your dates. Take our trip to Europe last year – we saved 30,000 miles (each) by taking the travel during the ‘offseason’ of April instead of two weeks later at the beginning of May. Sure there is a higher likelihood that you will have to deal with some poor weather but those are great days to head indoors and take in a museum or something like cultural like that.

This article (Do Americans Just Travel Wrong?) addresses a few other areas that we can improve upon to increase the joy (and cost effectiveness) of your next trip.

Photo of the Day – The Grand Canal at Night

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Walking the labyrinth that are the streets of Venice is pretty damn confusing. However, you ultimately will run into a canal and as long as you can follow that back in the general direction of your hotel and be able to find your way back (even if you may have had a few too many glasses of wine). As we walked back to our hotel at the end of our first day in Venice I set up the camera on the historical Rialto Bridge and took a few pictures.


6 thoughts on “Night on the Grand Canal

  1. I like the contrast of the lights and activity at the ground level and the darkened windows at the top of the buildings: the cold of the darkened windows and the warmth of the lights.

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