The Rocky Steps

Perhaps the most famous set of steps in the United States are in Philadelphia, PA and are leading up to the Philadelphia Art Museum. The steps aren’t famous because of the museum – which I’ve heard is quite nice though – but rather because a fictional boxer ran up them through various montages in each of the Rocky movies. The first movie had him running through the streets of Philadelphia and by all of the famous landmarks (he ran 31 miles covering all that ground so he was in really good shape!) – ultimately winding up on the steps while jumping up and down with Getting Stronger playing in the background as the sun rises behind the museum. His foot prints are memorialized in the top of the steps where he jumped up and down and was mobbed by the kids for the scene.

Photo of the Day – Getting Strong Now

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
As you can see there are still alot of people that run the steps as part of their workout everyday. At varying times there was probably 100+ people going up and down the 72 steps – some like myself – just for the novelty of it but others were taking several trips up/down and clearly were trying to get a workout in.


3 thoughts on “The Rocky Steps

  1. Great photo again, but running up 72 steps … I wouldn’t been able too – and it’s not good for our knees to run or walk down stairs … only up. Truly stunning photo – love all the colors you have caught

      • I suppose … running up and down those steps .. makes you feel like Rocky. *smile … if I would be able to … I probably would give it ONE try. *smile
        Happy New Year to you both.

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