Wild Goose Island – Glacier National Park

2013 has probably been my biggest year of travel so far in my 33 years of life – I missed Platinum status by a few thousand miles but altogether wound up taking around 30 roundtrip flights to locations such as Europe (Italy mainly with brief stops in Germany), Calgary (Banff) and Glacier National Park. As a result I took a lot of pictures – so much so that my hard drive was clogged and as a result my home computer was doggedly slow. Thus, I’ve spent the past few days backing up all my files onto two external hard drives and deleting everything off the actual hard drive of my computer.

It isn’t perfect as the PC is still a few years old but it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even deal with trying to edit my images because PhotoShop was taking so damn long to do anything. Now I can actually tolerate sitting down and editing – I guess this just teaches me not to take so many damn crappy pictures. This article – 5 Tips to Stop Taking Crappy Photos – emphasizes one of the biggest points for me which is ‘Digital isn’t Free’….I learned that this week as I invested in backup drives. It was cheaper than buying a whole new PC though. Now I just have to work out a system for remembering what I have and haven’t backed up and just be more diligent in doing it.

Photo of the Day – Wild Goose Island at Sunset

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This is from my trip to Glacier National Park in September. It was a pretty sweet trip and one of the more beautiful places I’ve ever seen. My first trip this year is going to be out to San Francisco for a few days. Initially, I had planned on going to Mount Rainier but the weather is looking so crappy there that I think I’d rather spend a few days in San Francisco before heading to Seattle for work for a few days. The Golden Gate Bridge is something I’ve always wanted to shoot and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for clear skies and limited fog during my time there.


3 thoughts on “Wild Goose Island – Glacier National Park

  1. Impressive! Glacier National Park is a place I have wanted to visit. My imagination can’t help but make stories out of pictures. I am not sure yet what the small island in the middle of the grand mountains and the vast stretch of water says. “I will not be cowed” perhaps?

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