Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

One morning in Glacier National Park I drove to Two Medicine Lake and shot sunrise over the Sinopah Mountain range. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t fully cooperate and like most mornings it rained off and on throughout most of the morning. There was a little color though that popped out just ahead of more rain.

I used the branch in the foreground as the anchor to my shot while providing balance in the distance with similar shapes on the side of Sinopah Mountain. You can see how stormy and windy the morning was by how rough the lake is. Unfortunately, this obviously prevented me from getting any decent reflection shots throughout most of my four days in the park.

Photo of the Day – Two Medicine Lake

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


3 thoughts on “Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

    • Thanks – it was a really strange morning because most of the time the color in the sky was dull and dreary because of the rain. The color came suddenly and quickly went away as the rain returned.

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