St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

As you can see it was a gloomy day in Venice but a gloomy day there is better than most days other places. We climbed the steps to the top of St. Mark’s Basilica to take in the sweeping views of the square below. Despite the weather the square was still alive with people bustling all over the place – most of them tourists but also locals mixed in. The rain didn’t last too long but it remained gloomy throughout most of our days on the island. Venice was overwhelming at times given the amount of tourists on the island and the limited amount of space to get around.

Photo of the Day – The View from St. Mark’s Square

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This was the day I tried vermicelli al nero di seppia at dinner. It is a pasta dish that is considered a delicacy in Venice – they mix the pasta with a black squid ink sauce. The sauce is definitely black and not like the tomato based sauces you usually associate with pasta and thus I ate it with some skepticism but it tasted pretty good. It was only when I spoke to my wife that I realized why the waitress had asked me twice if I was sure that I wanted it (since I was wearing a white button down shirt)…the ink had splattered all onto my shirt and parts of my teeth were blacked out as if I missing a few. I started alternating bites with water which I swished around in my mouth in an effort to not have the ink settle on my teeth and stain them. I don’t know if that would actually happen but I already have enough issues with my teeth to take any chances!


7 thoughts on “St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

  1. I like Venice a lot but I have a more major issue and I want to know if you felt the same way. I always felt like their hands were in my pocket. We stopped one day to have coffee. It wasn’t grey or overcast but raining hard. We were near Saint Mark’s and we stopped at a side walk cafe. They were playing music and when we got the bill we were charged a music tax.

    • We had read about the ‘music tax’ in some of the guide books before heading over there which is one of the reasons we never sat in a cafe near Saint Mark’s Square. One night on a walk home from dinner we passed right through the square and a five person band were playing outside of a wine bar and a crowd was gathering on the outskirts of the bar but there were very few people sitting in the chairs ordering anything to drink – likely because of the exact tax you are referring to. I’m sure a number of the patrons sitting and enjoying the music were surprised when they got their bill and noticed that line item for something that the hundreds gathered around enjoyed for free.

  2. First of all I want to wish you both .. a fantastic 2014 and I hope you are keeping your warm in the Chicago chill.
    This photo is brilliant I love the pale pastel shades .. in the photo and the people on square in strong colors. Just brilliant. The whole photos has such clear focus.

    • We are trying to stay warm in the Chicago chill but it hasn’t been easy in the first part of the year as the arctic weather we’ve received thus far has been brutal! I was really praying for better weather during our trip to Italy but for this picture I think the grey, wispy clouds help. Also, we save so much money by traveling in the ‘off-season’ so we have to take the good with the bad I suppose. We will be back and maybe then the skies will be blue.

      • When it’s about the weather there is no warranty. And you’re so right … to travel during off season is great in more than one way. I love London in January, because the whole city is on 50% discount; hotels, shows, restaurants and of course all the shops, but the weather is terrible.
        Hope the chill has eased in Chicago. We haven’t got any chill yet … no winter yet.

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