Late Light in Banff National Park

The peacefulness of Banff National Park in March. Here in the Vermillion Lakes area where in the summer months throngs of other photographers or sightseers would be hanging out was completely devoid of people for almost a full day. I hiked across the (mostly) frozen lakes – broke through twice and got my feet wet – and tundra all day and only ran into one other person near sunset. Otherwise this great area of one of the world’s most beautiful locations was mine for a full day. There is nothing better to me than this peace – I work in a job where the understanding (especially with technology) is that you will always be responsive so when I can get away for hours on end and am completely unreachable it is pretty amazing.

Photo of the Day – Late Light in Banff National Park

Banff National Park

The Peacefulness of Banff National Park

I’m heading off to San Francisco for a day or so tomorrow before carrying onto Seattle for the early part of next week for work. However, the highlight of my month is going to be at the end of the month when I’m going to make the drive from LA to Death Valley and spend three or four nights there. My client in LA was originally trying to set the meeting on the 22nd which would have required me to fly back to Chicago the same day because I have meetings the 23rd and 24th…however, given the weather recently in Chicago he gave me a call and tried to find a meeting date that would allow me to stay out west for a few days and enjoy some warmer weather. There are some days I have a lot of complaints about the ‘day-to-day’ grind but when I stand in Banff National Park, Death Valley, Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, etc…. the perks of my job far outweigh any negatives I may deal with throughout the busier seasons.


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