Sunrise over the Golden Gate

I was relatively ‘unlucky’ in 2013 when it came to light for taking photographs in some of the more amazing locations we traveled to (Rome, Venice, Glacier National Park, etc…). All things considered this is a pretty petty ‘complaint’ because the experience of being in those places was damn amazing so I want to be clear that this isn’t a complaint. However, I must say that there were plenty of days that I was bummed about the lack of good light and how unlucky I was. Enter my first quick trip in 2014 – San Francisco – for less than 30 hours…just enough time for one sunrise and one sunset. The day before in San Francisco was grey, overcast with the occasional light rain….the day that I spent there though was absolutely PERFECT! The sunrise was one of the best I’ve ever experienced, followed by a perfect day with 60 degree temps, blue skies and a colorful sunset. Maybe my photo luck will change in 2014!

Photo of the Day – Sunrise over the Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

Spectacular sunrise over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


10 thoughts on “Sunrise over the Golden Gate

  1. WoOoOOOoOooooW! This is an amazing photo. How luck wasn’t you to get a sunrise like that .. but that is what it’s all about. When I turned around to take a photo of this icon .. it all disappeared in fog and it happen twice, after that I bought a post card.

    • Thanks! Completely lucked out – I was only there for one day – not sure when I’ll be back and this is the view I was greeted with. Pretty blessed thus far in 2014. Let’s hope the rest of the year goes the same. Trips in the next three weeks to Death Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park.

      • Great news ā€¦. That your year has started off in a great way and Iā€™m sure it will continue like that too. And Iā€™m sure there will more fantastic photos to share with us from those trips.

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