Philosophy for a Happy Life

I can’t take credit for this philosophy at all but man does it ring home. If other people would just live like Sam Berns did we would be a much happier society. This kid was absolutely amazing and while he passed to soon his memory will live on with alot of people who he touched through documentaries about his life and also his unwavering positivity.

So his philosophy so eloquently laid out in this TedX speech:

1) Be Ok with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you CAN do

2) Surround yourself with people you want to be around

3) Keep moving forward

4) Never miss a party if you can help it

Photo of the Day – Don’t Look Backward

Seattle from Kerry Park
I walked up to Kerry Park for sunrise but before the sun rose I thought I’d take a couple of shots of this interesting telescope used to see details of the skyline. Someone put some googly eyes on the thing facing the other way and it reminded me of Sam’s philosophy of ‘keep moving forward’. The past is in the past and what was done cannot be undone all that can be done is trying to improve the situation going forward so don’t look back and think of what could have been because that is just wasted effort.

Here is the full speech from Sam – full of inspiration


5 thoughts on “Philosophy for a Happy Life

  1. This made my morning, thank you, and cheers to Sam. Also, I love that Seattle photograph. Sometimes taking a moment to look for the small, forgotten details rather than the main objective really makes the big difference. I’d say it applies to life as well.

    • Agree completely. Photography has forced me to slow down and try to take in the minor details – hoping to seek out new angles for shots from locations that are pretty well traveled (like Kerry Park)

  2. Wow, I love Sam’s speech – we have so much to learn from him … we moan about things that is not worth giving energy to really. I will follow his advice – I will never miss a party again that is for sure. Fantastic photo – love that the view is blurry, fantastic effect on the shot – something I will try from now on – if I have a long distance view in front of me.

    • Thanks! I tried this on some shots of downtown LA and people really seemed to like them so figured I’d give it a shot with the Seattle space needle that seems to stand out in that skyline. Sam had such a positive outlook and I know have his tips for a happy life posted in my office so when things don’t go well I just have to read them and it turns my day around

      • Still if the background with the Space Needle is blurry – it stand out very well…. really like this photo, that the less important object is focused and still the view is standing out.
        Excellent job.

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