Roman Colosseum

Opened in 80 AD the Roman Colosseum has stood the test of time. Of course, its look today is nothing like it was during the height of the Roman empire when the stone walls were covered in a marble facade to make the empire appear wealthier to those visiting to watch the games. Most of that marble was supposedly recycled into the Vatican church 400 years later. Still even without the marble the building is truly magnificent.

Photo of the Day – Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum

The last few Chicago winters – with the exception of the snowpocalypse in 2011 has been pretty tame. This year however is brutal. January started with many days of negative temps for the high and we are now facing days of single digits. It has made me really get psyched up for Belize in April though!


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    • Correct – it was a 10-24 lens zoomed all the way out. On a cropped sensor you don’t get the full effect so it probably winds up as like an 18 lens equivalent (I don’t really understand the calculations just know it isn’t ‘true’) or something like that but wide enough for me!

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