Before the Storm

Shortly after I took this picture in the beautiful Glacier National Park the skies opened up and it started to pour so I had to put my camera away and race back to my car as I didn’t want to be stuck out in the rain if it started to lightening in the area. Luckily no serious injuries occurred – except of course the sprained ankle I got tripping over a pothole along the trail.

Glacier National Park

I took off yesterday from O’Hare in Chicago and it was -2 degrees with wind chills in the -30s….landed in LA four hours later and it was a bright, sunny 70 degrees. They are predicting 80 today! What an amazing thing air travel is! I was also treated to one of the most spectacular sunsets of my life – the clouds were absolutely perfect and the ocean was calm enough that I was able to capture the sky reflecting off of the wet sand. Looking forward to getting home and getting them up on the computer. It will be a number of days thought because I’m heading to Death Valley for a few days tomorrow. California is really, really nice in the winter. Otherwise, I’ll take Chicago anyday as the traffic in LA is greater than any other city I’ve ever been in.


8 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. It does look like the calm before the storm. You can almost see that it is raining in the distance. The trees in the valley look like they are bent towards the storm and holding their collective breath in anticipation. I like how the colors cool as you go deeper into the picture from the yellow greens, dark greens, blues, grey blues and finally the grey of the clouds. Your pictures have convinced me that I must visit Glacier National Park. Seriously. I looked up on a map to see how far it is from here after the last picture. 🙂 It is too far to easily drive, unfortunately. The western states are big, but I am going to work on a way to visit sooner rather than later.

    • I love how you look so carefully and notice all the details within the picture – you are so good with words and descriptions of things I could never express. As always I appreciate the feedback and love that you enjoyed the picture and that it inspired you to look into Glacier National Park. It is such an amazing place and I hope you do get to see it all for yourself. Mountains everywhere!

      The western states are HUGE and being from the midwest it is impossible to comprehend driving 13 hours and not even being out of your state. I can drive almost all the way to New York in that same time frame.

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