Perfect Sunset, Perfect Location

Where else on Earth can a sunset be better than over the Pacific Ocean? The conditions were absolutely amazing as the sun set and the haze lifted. Above the clouds started to take on the oranges and pinks of the setting sun and then the Pacific Ocean (which was quite calm this afternoon) started reflecting the colors back up. The color seemed to stay for 10 – 15 minutes and I walked up/down the beach getting various angles of the pier with the clouds above. For this one I did break one of the ‘cardinal’ rules but I couldn’t decide what I liked better – the clouds or the receding waves at my feet – so I decided to give them both appropriate attention.

Photo of the Day – Santa Monica Beach Sunset

Santa Monica Beach Sunset

The temp in Chicago is -2 degrees right now with wind chills in the negative teens. Ten days ago when I took this picture the temperature in LA was 80 degrees. What a difference a few weeks can make. I’ll be putting this as my screen saver until we break 40 in Chicago!


12 thoughts on “Perfect Sunset, Perfect Location

    • Santa Monica is about a 20 minute drive from LA and I highly recommend it if you ever get back. For me being from a large city the ‘sex’ appeal of LA is diminimus compared with that of the ocean and the beach.

      • I have friends that always stays in Santa Monica when in LAX, which isn’t such a fantastic big city .. there is no really city centre … except maybe around Rodeo Dr.
        Thinking of visiting LA on my way to Lima next year.

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  2. Was in Hawaii some months back and witnessed some lovely sunsets over the Pacific. Have to say that this one tops them all. Great captures.

    • That’s one of the places on our bucket list. The island of Kauai looks amazing for landscape photography! We tried to go last year but then the miles required for a ticket shot up and we went to Belize instead. Another beautiful place!

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