The Famous Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain in the heart of Rome, Italy is typically overwhelmed with other like minded tourists who want to get close and throw a coin in (legend has it that doing so will guarantee your return). It doesn’t matter if it is day or night – the tour groups and locals alike gather. In an effort to beat the crowd I arrived at sunrise and took pictures for about an hour. While it was less crowded there was still a handful of people lingering – some still drunk from the night before – but definitely much less rowdy than the day or night crowds. After stopping here I headed over to the Piazza Navona drank a cup of coffee and had a pastry before heading back to the hotel. On the way back less than an ninety minutes later I passed the fountain again and the crowds had gathered to the point that it would have been hard for me to get close enough to get this view.

Photo of the Day – The Trevi Fountain in Detail

Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy

I wanted to get more detail of the fountain but unfortunately when I got out here on this morning I realized I left my 28 – 270 mm ‘all purpose’ lens in my other backpack thus I only had my wide-angle lens (10 – 28 mm) with me since that is what was on my camera. Since the crowds were sparse I was able to get close enough that even the wide angle was fairly close. A little processing here to bring out the detail in the statues. All and all pretty satisfied with how it came out.


5 thoughts on “The Famous Trevi Fountain

  1. Marvelous photo – the fountain where the Swedish actress Anita Ekberg was taken a dip in Federico Fellini’s movie ” La Dolce Vita” I have put some lire there too. *smile You have really captured the details in the fountain .. and also in the water. Excellent work.

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