Calm Morning on the banks of Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

I spent a calm summer morning on standing on the banks of the picturesque Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The canoes that are rented to lake visitors made for an interesting and colorful foreground. I had to wait a few minutes for a couple ‘summer lovers’ to move of the dock as they huddled in a hoodie but once they cleared the area I took a couple pictures looking up at the Fairview Mountain Range across the lake.

Photo of the Day – Canoes on Lake Louise

Lake Louise Banff National Park

I have a meeting in Calgary at the end of March and hope to make a weekend trip up to Banff again. The Lake Louise area is likely to be closed (closed for the winter) but many of the other sights should still be open.


3 thoughts on “Calm Morning on the banks of Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

  1. Wow …. may I ask what it’s in the front of the photo – canoes??? It really make the photo so much deeper and it makes the whole photo so much more exciting. Love it. Ordered a new camera the other day … done a post about it – – and I’m landing in Chicago, 2 of September.
    Sorry for not been around for a while .. haven’t really felt for the online world. But I’m back now.

    • No problem for not being around – I too have been very sporadic on posting often and responding to comments. Hope you are feeling better. How’s the new camera working out for you? How long are you going to be in Chicago for?

      • Thanks for asking and caring! Got new medicine and it seems to work – so happy days.
        My new camera, pure joy … but still a lot to play around with. There is some cons too – but nobody is perfect, not even a camera. 5 nights I will be in Chicago this time.
        Have a great weekend. We have sunshine today … first for nearly 3 months. Have to do a walk about with the new playmate.

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