Fishing Villages of Cinque Terre

The colorful houses (mostly store fronts today) that makeup the five towns that create the historic Cinque Terre area in Italy were once primarily fishing villages. The houses were painted bright colors distinct from one another so that those on the boats far from the shore could navigate in as they approached and wind up near their ultimate destination. Fortunately for the Cinque Terre and for those lucky enough to visit little has changed in this gorgeous spot of the world. No longer a ‘hidden gem’ in Italy because tourism is undoubtedly big business here but still a magnificent and relatively unspoiled location within what is my favorite (outside of the US – home country bias of course) country in the world.

Fisherman on the Coast of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre colorful houses in Italy


4 thoughts on “Fishing Villages of Cinque Terre

    • I think he did. There were a few others on the shore as well. They fished for sardines and then sold them to the restaurants who serve them in multiple ways. I never tried sardines before I got to cinque terre but they pull them out of the sea and serve them relatively fresh and in many different ways. I can’t say I was a huge fan – even if they were fresh – but the wine was damn tasty so that helped wash it down.

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