Two Jack Lake – Banff National Park

I arrived in Banff National Park last night to ‘out-of-season blizzard like conditions’ which I’m sure is great for skiers but bad for photographers. Unwilling to just sit in my hotel room for hours and watch the NCAA tourney I ventured out and tried to find some photo opportunities (few and far between). One area that I tried to head to was Two Jack Lake. Visibility was terrible (the mountain was invisible) and the remnants of the island in this photo were buried in snow. I am not trying to complain but I really have been hit with some pretty poor luck in Banff National Park for weather the past two years. I was thinking about it today and in total I’ve spent two weeks in the park and I’ve had one day that I consider to be optimal conditions for photos (relatively clear skies, color in the morning and evening) while the rest have been pretty mediocre.

Photo of the Day – Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake Banff National Park

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