Morant’s Curve – Banff National Park

I love Banff National Park and I got to spend the weekend there again these past few days (sometimes the job has its perks). Each time I go the varying seasons open up new possibilities to explore. This past trip most of the hikes I’d typically do were snowed in so I had to do most of my exploring via the car. Fortunately, Banff is very cooperative to those who wish to never be more than ten feet from their automobile. This location – known as Morant’s Curve – is about ten feet from a parking lot. Morant was a photographer for the Canadian Pacific Railroad and made this location famous through the rails advertisements. I’m obviously not the first conductor to shoot from here either as the train’s conductor opened the window and waved at me as the train rolled past.

Morant’s Curve – Banff National Park

Morant's Curve - Banff National Park


12 thoughts on “Morant’s Curve – Banff National Park

    • Thank you :)! Definitely check it out when you can. Outside of the bears (I did stumble across one on a hike – about 100 meters away before I realized it) it is a real family friendly place too.

    • Thanks Sarah – keen eye since I actually masked the train into the picture in photoshop because I used a faster shutter speed to ‘freeze’ it but I didn’t want to lose the details of the mountain, clouds, river and trees in the background. The original didn’t have a train running through it but there was a reflection on the water from the sun and clouds.

    • I remember – I was so bummed for you when you had to cancel your plans. I’m sure you’ll get there soon and the wait will be worth it. Just an unbelievable location – the power of nature!

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