Sunrise in Seattle

I was in Seattle for work near the beginning of the year and spent one of the mornings in Kerry Park watching the sunrise behind the skyline. Kerry Park has the best perspective for the Seattle skyline in my rather limited opinion given that on a perfectly clear morning you can even see Mount Rainier towering over the city a couple hundred miles away in the distance. The clouds on this particular morning kept the famous peak hidden for the most part although there is a faint view of it in a couple photos that I took that morning (not this one).

City of Fire – Seattle, WA

Sunrise in Seattle from Kerry Park

Seattle is known as the Emerald City but on this morning the positioning and color of the clouds made it appear that several buildings were burning behind the well-known space needle.


11 thoughts on “Sunrise in Seattle

    • It really is – I just need to get there when the weather is better so I can get out and enjoy it a bit more! Love Pike Place Market even though it is ‘Commercial’. To me I love just being able to go and try all the amazing food (and beer)

  1. I have actually been considering moving there from London. As a Photographer, this blog really puts perspective into the possibilities of my adventure. Great shot and great timing! 🙂

    • The summers in Seattle (from what I’ve heard) are amazing…the winters not so much. Supposedly you have to battle with six months of hell for six months of heaven. The US national parks in the area – Olympia and Mount Rainier – though are some of the most picturesque in the country. I haven’t been able to visit but they are on my ‘bucketlist’.

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