Wind over Swiftcurrent Lake – Glacier National Park

One of the things I enjoy about landscape photography is trying to convey the mood of the day visually. On this particular day I went to Swiftcurrent Lake for the sunrise in Glacier National Park. The sunrise was subpar as clouds to the east blocked the early morning light – however because of the wind the clouds were moving extremely fast and the water was very choppy. As some of the others who were there for sunrise packed up and went home after a half hour or so of waiting for colors I decided to strap the ten-stop ND filter on and I took some longer exposure shots to capture the wind and the speed of the clouds above the mountains. With the help of the ND filter I was able to leave the shutter open for 25-seconds which both showed the speed of the clouds and smoothed the choppy water (typically more appealing for landscape photos).

Wind over Swiftcurrent Lake – Glacier National Park

Wind over Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park

It’s unlikely I get back to Glacier National Park this year – really too bad because it is an amazing place. Instead I hope I’ll have an opportunity to make a longer weekend in the summer and stop in Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons. It’s been about ten-years since I’ve been there and I think I’m due for another trip.


4 thoughts on “Wind over Swiftcurrent Lake – Glacier National Park

  1. I love the clouds in the picture. I watch the clouds when I am outside running or otherwise. They come in so many different shapes and sizes: wispy fine or puffy like cotton. I have seen them move across the sky rapidly on windy days. We have a lot of windy days here. The mountains and the clouds represent different sides of nature’s impressive force: long term and short term. The mountains look like timeless monuments to the shifting of the earth’s crust even though we know they erode eventually. The clouds are a sign of the coming weather which can impose its will suddenly and dramatically.

    • I like watching the clouds too and even in ‘bad’ light like the middle of the day they can make images super interesting if they are big and puffy in comparison to the blue sky like it was here. Not surprisingly, the clouds shifted to more ominous ones later in the day before it rained off and on most of the afternoon.

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