Opening Day (for me at least)

I’ve had a client in Denver for the past three years which has blessed me with the opportunity to go Rocky Mountain National Park around eight times. The best part about the quarterly meeting cycles with the clients is that the park is different each and every time I see it because of the changing seasons. I took this picture about a year ago when winter had finally left the Rockies and the park was coming alive for the summer. The grass was greener, the rivers were full and running fast with the melting snowpack from the mountains and the temperatures were still moderate enough to hike and explore all day.

Slightly after sunrise I headed back to Moraine Park which is near the entrance and where Bear Lake road will take you back to the downtown area. There is a parking area right next to a bridge on the south side of the road and a fenced area that is accessible (just make sure to lock the gate behind you so animals don’t get into the area since they are trying to re-grow the aspen trees that the deers will eat in the winter months) and then you can work your way up and down the river’s edge. I hopped out on some rocks and set my tripod low, composed the image and then put the 10-stop ND filter on so I could make the water silky looking as it rushed by me. The exposure time was sixty seconds for this shot.

Rocky Mountain Stream in the Morning

Rocky Mountain River in the Morning

I’m heading back to Detroit for the weekend for a little Tigers baseball with my family tomorrow. This is my favorite time of year – I absolutely love baseball and there is nothing better than the first visit to the ballpark. The smells, the sounds and the game are all fantastic. The bonus this year though is the poutine hot dog – a hot dog smothered with french fries, cheese curds and gravy. If the Tigers could top it off with a win over the Orioles (and maybe a Cabrera HR to right field) I’ll be a happy man.


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