Leading Lines

The second Vermillion Lake in Banff National Park provides open water even in the winter which allows for the opportunity to capture reflections of the widely recognized Mount Rundle in the distance. The open water can provide leading lines through the image to draw the eye from the front of the image to the back as it does here. Leading lines are an important element to composition as are the triangular shapes formed by the mountain peaks in both the background and the reflection of the water.

Mount Rundle in Banff National Park

Mount Rundle in Banff National Park

Presentation to prep for tomorrow – bright and early – then the weekend. One more week until we are off to Belize. Can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “Leading Lines

  1. Was just wondering when you’d be off to Belize. Was just working on a memoir selection set on El Castillo at Xunantuich today. Hope to catch some great posts from you on the way! enjoy and take tons of photos! – Renee

    • Thank you! I do make some edits but I try to keep it close to as natural as I remember the scene. I use a Canon Rebel camera (DSLR but no where near the top of the line camera). My original photos with the camera were no where near as good as some of them are now. I’ve spent alot of time studying and trying to learn composition and framing the scene. I’ve published maybe 700 images on this site in the past two years but I’ve got well over 20,000 on my hard drive so they aren’t all good but with each mistake I learn what works for me and what doesn’t. Each and every trip I tend to come home with less pictures – not because I’ve stopped looking for as many opportunities but rather because I find myself visualizing how the shot will look on my computer and before deciding whether to click the shutter or not. It has been a long process but I certainly think I’m getting better. In a few years I hope to much better though 🙂

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