Pre-Dawn at the Golden Gate Bridge

I drove to the Marin County side of San Francisco to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise when I was on my way to Seattle for work in January. I was treated to a wonderful sunrise but as I always want to be early I wound up being there about an ninety minutes before the sun actually came up. This gave me the opportunity to drive to a couple different viewing areas and determine which one I liked the most. The ultimate location I settled on was a little closer to the bridge than this one but I did take this (and many other shots) from the other viewing areas as I was trying to figure out whether I liked the angle or not.

Golden Gate Bridge in the Pre-Dawn Light

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California Sunrise

We are heading down to Central America and tonight I was going to load the iPad and computer up with some movies/TV shows to watch at night and on the planes given that the areas we are staying in tend to be more disconnected than I’m used to. However, I found myself perusing iTunes and realizing there was nothing really that I wanted to watch. I’d say I don’t watch alot of TV but sadly I do – its just I tend to watch sports or documentary/reality show programs (First 48, Shark Tank, The Profit) and neither of those really travel well once you’ve already watched them once. I’ve already watched many of the HBO shows on Demand or ‘live’ when I’ve had a subscription so I guess the question is what should we bring on the plane with us? Keep in mind we will be spending a few nights in a jungle, completely cut-off from many ‘modern amenities’ so my wife isn’t really looking for anything even remotely scary. Suggestions on anything?


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