The Masks of Venice

Almost exactly a year ago we flew to Venice, Italy to start our two week tour through the best of Italy (Venice, Milan, Cinque Terre, Florence and finally Rome). Venice hosts Carnival annually and the masks are a staple of this celebration. The good ones are made of papier-mache while the more touristy ones like those in sold at one of these stands near the canal are made from plastic. We spoke with one of the more famous mask makers in Venice (he has created the masks for many hollywood movies – such as the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut) but ultimately decided not to purchase one because we were concerned we wouldn’t be able to keep it in one piece traveling throughout the rest of Italy. It would have made for an interesting piece of wall art though.

This year we are sitting in the Dallas airport ready to make the connecting flight to Belize this afternoon for what should be a much more relaxing vacation without the go, go, go of trying to hit five cities in a short time span. We only have a few things planned and the weather looks like it is going to hold up so hopefully we get to enjoy a little bit of the warmth after the never-ending winter in Chicago.

The Masks of Venice – Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Happy Easter everyone!


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