A Fountain in Florence, Italy

I went out for some sunrise pictures during our short stay in Florence, Italy last year. Florence was one of my favorite stops on the entire trip which was not what I was expecting at all. I loved how (relatively) calm it was in comparison to the next city we would visit (Rome) although it was a complete contrast to the slow pace of Cinque Terre (which I also enjoyed).

One of the best moments of our trip to Florence was when we went wine tasting on a bike tour. Gretchen and I dressed for ‘wine tasting’ thinking it was going to be a rather leisurely tour so we were surprised when we showed up to bike place in the morning and were met by awkward glances from the other riders who were in full on bike attire (stretchy bike butt shorts included). We were certainly a little nervous when we saw that – however, after a short trip in a van carrying the bikes up a rather steep hill to a winery in the countryside and a couple ‘heavy pours’ of wine we weren’t as concerned. The first bike ride to the next winery for some lunch and more ‘heavy pours’ was almost straight downhill so we were thinking those in their bike gear were WAY overdressed. After two wineries and a nice lunch we got back on the bikes for one last trip – this time they made us head back up the hill though…..big mistake! Drunk Buzzed riding up a hill when you are wearing dress shoes, jeans and a button down shirt is NOT fun. We were completely wiped out after the ride and spent the rest of the day in Florence just trying to cool down from overheating on the bikes.

Fountain in Florence, Italy

Fountain in Florence Italy

This year for our trip to Belize we are more prepared with hiking gear for our dayhikes the first part of the trip – water shoes included.


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