A Postcard and an Ice Castle

Prior to leaving for Banff I read a post from Greg Urbano titled ‘Where in the World is my Postcard’. That post has since been taken down as it appears that he moved his site from WordPress to Tumblr….however, I did want to let Greg know that his postcard made it all the way to Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Ice Castle on Lake Louise

Ice Castle Lake Louise
I visited in late March but Lake Louise was still a solid block of ice. There were a few soft spots but mainly the ice was frozen solid and they still had the ice rinks and hockey nets setup on the surface of the lake. Additionally, this season there was a giant ice castle in the middle of the lake and I thought that would be a perfect spot to sit the postcard that Greg sent earlier in the year and take a few pictures.

It was below zero on this particular morning….quite a difference from the 90+ degrees it is in Belize today! What a difference a month makes. Another drink please!


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