Storm Clouds over Chicago

A couple of weeks ago when the weather in Chicago finally (for one day at least) turned nice and climbed into the low 80s we rented Divvy bikes and rode from our condo to the Adler Planetarium to (discreetly) drink some wine and take some pictures of the Chicago skyline at sunset. The rain was supposed to hold off until later in the night but the storm clouds formed by the cold front pressing in (the next day it dropped into the 30s again – you have to the weather in the midwest) had other ideas for the evening. The clouds were moving fast and unfortunately blocked out much of the sunset – not to be deterred I put on my ten-stop ND filter and took some pictures of the clouds moving across the skyline. The city itself looks so tiny from this perspective but I really wanted to emphasize the clouds above the city.

Storm Clouds over Chicago

Storm Clouds over Chicago


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