Sunrise in Belize

The part of Ambergis Cayes that we stayed on when we were in Belize is well known for having spectacular sunrises so I was excited to wake up on a few mornings and head out and watch the clouds light up before the sun finally popped over the horizon. I took this picture around 15 minutes before the sun finally came up over the Caribbean but the sky was already changing colors. The day before this I spent some time walking the beach looking for interesting objects I could put into the foreground and came upon this broken down dock in front of a resort that was in the process of being built. I liked the simplicity of it and the texture of the wood and in comparison to the other more modern docks that lined the shore it was certainly out of place.

Sunrise in Belize

Belize Sunrise over the Dock


3 thoughts on “Sunrise in Belize

    • Thanks – it was so windy that morning that I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the palm trees or boats tied to the docks so I was glad I had something relatively stable to use. I do like how bridges lead the eye from the front to the back of the image towards the color in the sky.

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