Emerald Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

I’m flying to Denver today – normally I’d be really excited because I’d be trying to stretch this into a weekend of hiking and photographing Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, I have to go right from Denver to Dallas for another meeting the following day and will be unable to spend anytime in the mountains. Work is really putting a damper on my hiking schedule :). I’m thinking of making a trip out to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons in September this year in route to Calgary….hoping I can make that happen. It’s been 10+ years since I’ve been there and I’m getting antsy!

Sunrise on Emerald Lake

Sunrise on Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

I took this photo in August last year when my wife and I headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park for a four day weekend. The trail to Emerald Lake is fairly short (1.75 miles each way) but it is a steady climb for the first mile or so to reach Dream Lake. Dream Lake is also another great place to stop for sunrise and given my experience both locations should be relatively clear of other photographers that early in the morning. I’ve been to plenty of other national parks where the popular spots for landscape photography are jam packed but for some reason this place and Dream Lake never seem to have any other people there. There is a waterfall coming off the mountain across the lake (hard to see in this photo) but you get to hear the sound of the crashing water which adds to the atmosphere as well.

After the sun has come up I like to take my time hiking back as there are a few mini-waterfalls and rocks shaded from the low sun that make interesting compositions in the early morning light.


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