The Wrigley Building – Chicago, IL

I went downtown on a fall morning to try and catch early morning light on the buildings. The Wrigley Building at the bend in the Chicago River is one of my favorite buildings in the city. Originally, built to house the Wrigley (Chewing Gum) Company in the early 1920s and it was the first air conditioned ‘skyscraper’ in the city. The design of the building was borrowed from a historic church in France.

The Wrigley Building – Chicago, IL

The Wrigley Building at Sunrise Chicago Illinois

A few years ago the building was sold to the founders of Groupon (not sure that company is going to last as long as Wrigley did) and they have been making some pretty dramatic changes to it to make it more attractive to newer tenants – Walgreens, Fitness Center, etc…apparently the allure of simply air conditioning doesn’t do it for Chicago office workers. I work out of a much more modern building – maybe built in the 90s – and I must say the gym in the building is the best perk.


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