Sand Dunes on the Lake Michigan Shore

At the end of another perfect day on the shores of Lake Michigan. I setup for the shot above the dune and wanted to try and get the tree swing into the picture somehow. I thought the sunsetting on the right hand side of the picture served as a nice balancing point and I set my aperture wide enough to get a snow flare but not too wide to cause chromatic aberration.

Sand Dunes on the Lake Michigan Shore

Lake Michigan Sand Dunes Sunset

My computer at home is dying and I spent most of what was a beautiful summer day in Chicago trying to repair it. Needless to say I couldn’t figure it out…so I’m in the market for a new laptop. I’ve been saying ‘I am going to buy one’ for two years now so with my desktop on the fritz it is about time to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, I’m now suffering from paralysis through analysis as I’m comparing/contrasting all the features (RAM, Dedicated Imaging RAM, Weight, Battery Life, etc…). The bitch of it is I’m going to do go through all this analysis and whatever I wind up buying will be obsolete six months from now.


8 thoughts on “Sand Dunes on the Lake Michigan Shore

  1. WOW. This place is so beautiful! That’s too bad about your computer but at least you have this picture to stare at.

    • Thanks! It’s a nice place to take in the sunset and we occasionally can see the Chicago skyline in the very far distance. Still working on the computer purchase. I’m so indecisive!

    • Good point! Why don’t I ever bring a blanket. We did go out a couple weeks ago at 3 am to watch the meteor shower that never really happened. The stars were amazing!

      • 3 am stars ARE amazing 🙂 Its so dark, so clear (well, usually!) so QUIET 🙂 I think thats one reason I love star gazing so much…the Calm quiet 😉 (or is that two things?)

      • I’m fascinated by the stars as well – on a clear night when out camping I love stepping out of the tent and catching a nice dark sky lit up with millions of stars millions of miles away. Awestruck in those moments.

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