Sunset in Death Valley

Early this year I spent a few days hiking in Death Valley. On one of the afternoons in the Valley I spent time trying to find unique salt patterns in Badwater Basin to photograph on the edges of the day. Before starting the trip and doing some research I was under the impression that these salt formations were pretty common but when you are there it is actually quite a chore to find them. Yes, the Badwater Basin is largely shaped like this but most of them are broken apart, overlapping and not appealing to the eye or the camera. The nice looking formations – like the ones in this photo – are few and far between and I had to used a GPS to mark a number of them throughout the day so I’d be able to find them later in the afternoon. The Badwater Basin takes up around 6 – 7 miles and I walked probably 75% of it – in all there was probably only a couple hundred yards of formations that looked like this.

Death Valley Sunset

Death Valley Sunset

Still searching for a laptop. Debating now whether to get a souped up system or just go with something a little cheaper and spend some extra cash to fix up my desktop. I’m very indecisive!!


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