Iwo Jima – Washington DC

Over the weekend I watched a few specials on the History channel on World War II. Given the 70th anniversary of D-Day it seemed appropriate. Watching the highlights of the ceremony that they held in Normandy with all the WWII vets was both happy and somber since this is likely the last time any of those that stormed the beaches and turned the war for the Allies get to see that beach leaving little doubt that they were our greatest generation.

Iwo Jima Memorial – Washington DC

Iwo Jima Memorial Washington DC

The Iwo Jima Memorial celebrates another great victory from WWII when the US captured a major island in the Pacific in what was another high casualty period of the war. We visited the newly opened WWII museum in New Orleans, LA a couple years back when we were there and are likely to make another trip at the end of this month when we are there for a weekend.


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