Xunantunich – Belize (Cayo District)

I tried to give blood this afternoon because of the shortage of supply (so if you can donate and haven’t please do!) but unfortunately because of our trip to Belize in April I wasn’t able to and will not be allowed to until April 2015. Apparently, there is a high risk of malaria in Belize which we didn’t know before we visited. I’m not sure it would have changed anything we did but we probably would have been a little more worried about all of the mosquito bites.

Xunantunich – Belize (Cayo District)

Xunantunich - Belize

We arrived in Belize on Easter Sunday and they certainly take their holidays seriously. The entire city of San Ignacio was basically shut down for the holiday so we just grabbed a quick bite to eat at the hotel before heading off to bed (we had a 3:30 AM wake up call to get down there so we were both pretty tired). The next day we expected to have things ‘back to normal’ but it turns out they celebrate Holy Monday in the same fashion and so again nothing in the city itself was really open. Fortunately, we were able to spend some time exploring these Mayan ruins – Xunantunich – before heading over to have lunch and visit a protected iguana exhibit at a nearby hotel. The iguana exhibit was pretty interesting and we both had them crawling all over us by the time we got out of there. Below is my wife with a few of her dearest lizard friends.

Iguana Exhibit Belize


5 thoughts on “Xunantunich – Belize (Cayo District)

  1. All religious holidays In Poland are taken really seriously (in the fact that everything is closed), this can be great to get some long weekends scatter shot throughout the year.

  2. I love traveling and that’s why I’m so happy I found your blog! 🙂 There are so many places in the world I still need to explore 🙂 For example Belize!!!

    • Thanks Rondita! I just posted another picture from a snorkeling trip during our stay in Belize. You won’t be disappointed if you go – especially if you like to dive. The water is perfect and it is the second most visited location for diving in the world (outside of Australia I presume). I never realized just how large the reef was! It was a lot of fun and we’d definitely go back – although if you are a ‘beach’ person we were disappointed with those (not the sandy beaches we were expecting).

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