Behind the Golden Altar

The Golden Altar at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy is an amazing display of Byzantine architecture in the world. The church which sits on the Grand Canal in St. Mark’s square is remarkable. The Golden Altar is known for the Pala d’Oro which is a panel of gold with gems inlaid in it. Originally commissioned in the 900s it has survived throughout many attempts to dismember it – Napolean stole a few gems but it remains largely intact. Here behind the altar I set my camera on a ledge and pointed it at the ceiling framing the cross and the statues of the saints against the backdrop of the golden dome.

Behind the Golden Altar

Golden Altar in Venice

I got in trouble for positioning my camera as I did so I wasn’t able to take anymore shots. I believe it cost a euro or two to go up in this area where you could get up close with the altar. Well worth it of course.


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