Stingray – Belize

We went to dinner last night in Chicago – Mexique – which is run by Chef Carlos Gaytan and was once days away from closing due to a lack of business. Now, two years later you need a reservation to get in and it is one of the few (only sixteen of them) restaurants in Chicago to have a one-star Michelin rating. The chef was also featured on the TV Show ‘Top Chef‘ and that has certainly launched the restaurant into one of the trendiest places in Chicago. The food certainly did not disappoint as we started with Tuna Ceviche (delicious as it was laid on a bed of fennel) before I moved onto the main course – Skate Wing – which was the highlight of the night. I first off should say that I’m not a ‘foodie’ by any means but you just know ‘delicious’ when you taste it and the very first bite told me that I was in for a treat. Skate wing for those that may not know (I didn’t before coming in) is the fin/flipper of a stingray and the way they prepared it was to pan sear it and place it over a habanero buerre blanc sauce and a small amount of refried beans (although I’m sure they had a fancier name on the menu). If you are ever in Chicago and are looking to eat at one of the cities top restaurants I’d try Mexique and get the Skate Wing. You are unlikely to be disappointed!

Stingray in the Reefs of Belize

Stingray in Belize

Doesn’t this guy just look delicious?! We went snorkeling during one of our days on the coast of Belize to a location called the Mexico Rocks. It wasn’t one of the ‘prettier’ places to snorkel but there was certainly a lot of active sealife – including this stingray who seemed to follow us wherever we went. Apparently, he was trained to know that tour guides tended to provide a little snack for fish that ‘participated’ in their shows with tour groups like ours.


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