The Clouded Peak of Mount Rundle

It was hovering below zero the night before and as the sun rose I swear it got colder. Despite my many layers of clothing, gloves and socks my whole body was cold. I had toe warmers in my boots (rated to -32 degrees Fahrenheit) and for hand warmers for my hands but it made little difference. In stark contrast to the picturesque (and warm) sunset that I posted yesterday from a lovely Michigan beach this is the other end of landscape photography that makes me smile. Being out there shivering, watching the sun struggle to work its way through the clouds to warm up the landscape and the peaks of Mount Rundle on the left edge of the frame barely showing through the heavy clouds in the morning. It certainly wasn’t perfect as I would have preferred the clouds behind the mountain and the temperature about twenty degrees warmer…but the cold did provide me one thing – solitude – as no other idiot was standing out there freezing his butt off taking pictures of this sunrise. It is these moments that are unique and make photography a real passion of mine. No one will ever see the Vermillion Lakes region in Banff National Park exactly like this ever again – it will always look unique and the color that the clouds took on for just a few seconds was enough for me to get a halfway decent picture using the frozen lake and the dead tree stump in the foreground. Just for additional reference on how cold it was – the shoreline was not frozen the afternoon before as the third Vermillion Lake is very shallow and has a hot spring running into it so it doesn’t freeze all that much.

Clouded Peak of Mount Rundle – Banff National Park

Mount Rundle Cloudy morning in Banff
I hope everyone enjoys the day – in a few hours I’ll be driving home to meet my first nephew – George Thomas. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!


7 thoughts on “The Clouded Peak of Mount Rundle

  1. I agree with you about the waiting in unsuspecting places (amidst the cold) that makes photography so great, really lovely work you’ve done here. And have fun meeting your nephew! 🙂

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