Magic over the Pier

Magic moments/right place at the right time/pure luck – whatever you want to call it are rare events. As someone who enjoys photography and understands the impact a dramatic colorful sky can have on the overall feeling of a photo these moments are very few and far between. This January night in Santa Monica, California I was very fortunate to capture this one.

Magic over the Pier – Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier California

This is a slightly different position than the picture I posted back in February just after this trip but in this one I like the look of the ferris wheel better because it is a little more colorful.

We are off to New Orleans tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. Can’t wait to be back in the Big Easy.


12 thoughts on “Magic over the Pier

      • Awesome! I would love to host you in the near future! What about your favorite turquoise images? Maybe select the best from a certain year to narrow them down as an idea. I am looking forward to it!

      • Thanks again for the opportunity. I just shot you an email with a handful of images in it. Hope you are enjoying the last few months of your sabbatical! Soak it all up while you can!

    • Love them too – my favorite thing to photograph! We are down in New Orleans now and unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating (rain, rain go away…) with me though

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