Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

In early January I had an overnight layover in San Francisco so I decided to rent a car and drive around the city to take some pictures (had to beat sleeping at the airport?!). I quickly Googled the best places to view the Golden Gate Bridge and this was one of the angles that popped up – Fort Baker in Marin County. Getting here is a bit tricky because you have to quickly navigate off of the main highway (Highway 101) just past the end of the Golden Gate Bridge and then wind down beneath it to an ex-military base. Some of the other viewing points that I drove around to were quite busy but this one was practically empty and there was only a small parking lot which leads me to believe this is a somewhat hidden viewpoint of one of the Golden Gate Bridge – one of America’s most recognizable landmarks.

The Golden Gate Bridge in Black and White – San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California

It was a very sunny day but I wanted to try and smooth the water a bit so I put my ten-stop ND filter on and took a few shots. When using a ten-stop ND filter it is hard to judge on your LCD screen how the images are turning out so it is imperative to take numerous versions of differing exposure length. This was a 15-second exposure and was the one I liked the best even though the water isn’t perfect. I took a few others that were longer but everything was just overexposed. After I processed it in Photoshop and Nik Silver Efx I took it back into Lightroom and re-adjusted the blacks and whites in order to bring out more details in the shadows to add more texture to the rock in the foreground underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.


4 thoughts on “Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Nice processing on what sounds like a difficult shot. πŸ™‚ And that definitely beats sleeping in a an airport! haha I did that in Peru, slept with my head on a table at a cafe….talk about waking up with a stiff neck!

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