Castle Mountain Junction – Banff, Alberta

Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada is one of my favorite places to relax in the world. As someone who loves the outdoors and tries to capture its beauty through photography it is an absolutely amazing experience! One of my favorite places to watch the sunset is at the Castle Mountain Junction in between the town of Banff and Lake Louise. If I hadn’t read the Photographers Guide for Banff National Park I may have been deterred by the fence preventing access to the rivers edge around this junction. However, thanks to Darwin Wigget’s guidance in the book I knew that at some point in the fence (he accurately describes the location in the book) there is an area where people can easily pass through simply by undoing a latch. The fence is only there to prevent animals (deer, elk, bears) from crossing the ‘main’ roads and isn’t intended to restrict human access in any way. Unfortunately, they don’t clearly mark that so again the book is very helpful in that regard. An additional tip is that in the winter – the snow tends to bury these fences so I’d expect to spend ten/fifteen minutes digging the bottom of the fence out before actually being able to open it. When I took this photo I had to dig out around three feet of snow (with just my gloves since my rental car didn’t come with a shovel) since the person before me had gotten the fence open but failed to shut it behind them when they left.

Castle Mountain Junction – Banff National Park, Alberta

Castle Mountain Junction - Banff National Park

In exactly two months I’ll be up in Banff taking in the sights (hopefully without snow this time) and trying to capture the beauty for the readers of this blog. Stay tuned for future updates where I’ll plan on doing some video post processing of photos….my new website will allow for much greater flexibility in content.


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