Philadelphia at Dusk

Standing on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum as the day turned to night I took a few pictures of the skyline as the sunset over the city. From here I took a subway over to Pat’s and Geno’s for a Cheesesteak showdown (yes I ate two full cheesesteaks in the interest of comparing and contrasting them. Here are my tasting notes in case you ever go there…By the way these places are cash only and if you

Plain white building with a sign in the window reading “This Is AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING Please ‘SPEAK ENGLISH’”. Other than that not a lot of razzle dazzle unlike the building at Pat’s which was lit up like Times Square…The meat at Geno’s is sliced thinly and then covered with provolone and onions. I thought it had a decent taste but could have used more pepper maybe. There wasn’t a whole lot of meat on it but I guess that’s how they keep the prices so reasonable. The onions were definitely the best part of the sandwich which is fine for me because I’m a big fan of grilled onions.

The meat was tastier, and unlike Geno’s it was chopped thin, but the provolone cheese wasn’t melted so that left a little to be desired. This one was also ‘wetter’ and the bread was dripping with gravy or juice from the steak which probably contributed to the taste.

All things considered I liked Pat’s better but I may have to go back and do another test run just to see again.

Philadelphia at Dusk

Philadelphia Downtown


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