Magical Sunset over Tikal

During our trip to Belize we headed to Guatemala for a few days to check out the ruins in Tikal. One of the highlights from those two days was taking a sunrise tour in the morning (out of bed at 3:30 AM) and a sunset tour in the evening. For sunset we climbed one of the largest temples in the Grand Plaza to watch the sunset over the rest of the historic ruins (the building in the distance is Temple IV I believe where we climbed to watch sunrise about twelve hours earlier).

Magical Sunset over Tikal

Sunset Tour Tikal

There were a bunch of people up here with us and I hated being that annoying person with a camera but I was moving all over, setting up for a shot and then moving again. I’m sure the others up on the ruins were annoyed with me but I wanted to make sure I got all the magical colors of the sky. This certainly made up for sunrise (I’ll post a picture of the grey fog one day) where visibility was limited to maybe thirty/forty feet in front of our face because of the heavy fog coming off the jungle floor.


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