Weeping Angel in Metairie Cemetery

The Metairie Cemetery just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana has an interesting story associated with how it came to be. Historically (as in the mid 1800s) this land was used to build a horse racing track and it became one of the premier clubs/tracks in the country – so much so that it started to keep people out of it. One of those that despite all of his good deeds in the New Orleans area who was not permitted access was Charles T. Howard. He did not take these slights lightly and vowed to get revenge on all of those that prevented his access. In 1872, after the civil war (the Confederate Army used the track as base) and the wealthy were less well off Mr. Howard bought the race track and turned it into a cemetery – selling the plots back to those wealthy folks in the community who kept him out of the place when it was a race track (at presumably high prices).

Weeping Angel in Metarie Cemetery – New Orleans

Weeping Angel in Metarie Cemetery in New Orleans

The “Weeping Angel” is a marker in the Hymns Tomb in the Metairie Cemetery. The tomb was locked on the afternoon we visited so we were unable to go in. I took this picture through the glass door so it isn’t the perfect angle that I was envisioning. It was also a little blurry from camera shake since I had to hand hold the camera flush against the glass to minimize glare but I was able to use the ‘Camera Shake’ reduction filter in Photoshop CC to make the image sharp again.


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