The Blues of Venice

The only morning in Venice, Italy that I got up to take pictures at sunrise there was a little bit of light rain in the morning and the overcast sky blocked the nice colors of the sunrise that are on display in the distance. Across the grand canal on the opposite bank lies the San Giorgio Maggiore Church (which we did not have the opportunity to visit) which was famously painted by Monet (picture linked here) at dusk and sunset from a similar spot as this photograph. Monet felt that Venice was too beautiful to be painted and thus many of his paintings of Venice remained unfinished presumably because he didn’t think they captured the beauty as good as he hoped.

The Blue Hues of Venice – Venice, Italy

The Blues of Venice Italy

Monet is partly right too as being there in the moment is a much more magical experience. However, I like the motion of the boats in the water and the pink hues from the sunrise on the horizon. It adds a little sense of magic to the image.


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