Misty Morning in Banff

It was a really cold winter in Chicago but I don’t know that I’ve ever been colder than when I was in Banff this past March and went out to take sunrise pictures. The Vermillion Lakes area of Banff is pretty unique in that the third lake rarely freezes because it is fed by a nearby hot spring so the temperatures need to drop pretty drastically for the water to freeze. This makes it fun for photographing regardless of the time of year because there is always the chance that you will be able to see get a reflection of the mountains in the distance. I’ve accomplished this type of shot many times in cold weather but this particular morning it wasn’t meant to be.

There was a heavy snow the night before and the clouds still hadn’t really lifted above the mountains. Additionally, the drop in temperature the previous night led to the third lake freezing over in spots which would have prevented the reflection. There were a couple of geese on this morning that swooped in to keep me company though. They were swimming in the ‘warm’ water where the hot spring feeds into the lake and due to the wide difference in temperature between the water and the air a big layer of fog/mist built up in front of the trees. In the far distance you can see one of the mountain ranges with its peaks shrouded in clouds….One day I’ll get blessed with good light in Banff. Next month I’ll be doing the drive to Jasper after spending a night or two in the Lake Louise area. I’m hoping to get some magical light over top of Lake Moraine. Fingers crossed!

Misty Morning in Banff

Misty Morning in Banff National Park


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