Highway 190 (Death Valley National Park)

After a client meeting in Denver I spent the weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was action packed and outside of taking sunrise/sunset pictures and hiking (reached my first summit – more to post with pictures later) I had very little time to do anything else. This morning I woke up at 2:45 and I was at the trail head at 3:45 setting off on a hike to Lake Helene for sunrise. It’s one of the best places in Rocky Mountain National Park to photograph at sunrise…the only problem is it is 3.5 miles from the trailhead and 1300 feet up hill. I hustled and made it to the lake around 5:30 – when sunrise struck at 6:09 AM it was nothing short of spectacular. The lake was calm at times which should allow for some nice mirror like reflections as well. As I sit here in the Denver airport scrolling through the pictures on my camera it looks like absolute perfection! Can’t wait to get home and get them set up on my computer so I can start posting some of them.

Highway 190 – Death Valley National Park

Highway 190 - Death Valley National Park

Earlier this year I was in Death Valley National Park which is 300 feet below sea level…flash forward to yesterday and I was 12,800 feet ABOVE sea level at the summit of Hallett Peak. It was an amazing hike! The image above (Highway 190) is the main highway in Death Valley National Park. The barren, dessert terrain looks completely desolate compared with the backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park. Both places have their charm and driving along this highway leaving Death Valley in January I was really impressed with the variety of photo opportunities. Salt basins, straight as an arrow highways, sand dunes and distant mountain peaks…I can understand how some people say Death Valley is one of their favorites. However, as I am readying to leave the Colorado Rockies (this is just my opinion) Death Valley just didn’t compare to the variety that RMNP offers.


4 thoughts on “Highway 190 (Death Valley National Park)

  1. Definitely two of my favorite NP – talk about diversity. I look forward to your Rocky Mtn post. Hurry up. I’m heading their Friday lol. Although I won’t be doing the 5 a.m. hiking thing. I’ll try and go back in Sept. when sunrise is later.

    • Sorry I got way, way, way behind last week trying to get ready to head out of town for our trip to Alaska. Work got in the way of any more substantial posts from RMNP. Hope you had a great trip up that way.

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